IFBB bodybuilder, powerlifter and bench press champion

With over 25 years of professional knowledge and experience in the fields of fitness, personal training and weight lifting, my career in the sport began at a very young age as I discovered my passion for weight training, exercise and overall fitness. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, I started working at one of the Country’s leading fitness centers and excelled in the sport on both a personal and professional level. From the start, I realized I had the potential and desire to become a successful weightlifter, personal trainer, and champion body builder. I worked hard on myself and took pride in training others, and transforming them into athletes and ultimately champions in their categories.

Throughout my working years, I was fortunate enough to work in a number of European countries like Bulgaria and Austria, additionally I was also privileged to work in the Arabian Gulf, in Kuwait and Bahrain. My lead role has been namely, personal trainer and head coach of several successful gyms and fitness centers.

At the moment, I am currently leading the team at Bahrain’s best gym; The Blacksmith Gym & Fitness Centre under the International Federation of Body Building Champion himself Mr. Sami Al Haddad and business founder Mr. Mohammed Moemen. I joined the team in May 2014 and was appointed as Head Coach & Lead Trainer where I am responsible to manage the operations of the gym as well as the team of exercise trainers and assistants. The gym currently welcomes over 1,000 members and is considered to be the biggest and best fitness centers in Bahrain. My role at the Blacksmith Gym has definitely added to my professional career and broadened my horizons further as I continue to manage a large number of athletes and clients of different ages, genders with varying fitness levels. I work closely with each of them when devising plans and exercise programs that suit their goals and match their regular routines and lifestyles. I believe the key to my continued success in this area is, first understanding the client’s needs and goals, and second providing them with the best exercise program and food plan to help them achieve their absolute potential. I also believe that accurate/informed consultation together with proper guidance increases the success rate with my clients and athletes changing their lives from hereon.

On a personal level, I am also proud to mention that along the way I have picked up many championship titles in powerlifting and body building as I continue to persevere in my field and work harder to achieve better results. With respect to my achievements, I clinched Powerlifter of the Year in Bulgaria for two-consecutive years between 1994-1995 (100 kgs weight category). I also achieved many other championship placings that have added to my professional profile as an international bodybuilder and weightlifter.

With respect my future outlook and aspirations, I seek to further enhance my career and work path as well as to work even harder to achieve greater championship titles. Equally important, with my online site I also wish to provide a holistic service to my members and clients by transferring my knowledge and expertise to a greater audience in Bahrain and the rest of the world.

I wish to extend a warm welcome to you and my followers.

Yours sincerely,