FITNESS BY KIRO, is a project based in Bahrain that helps clients achieve their goals through proper nutrition while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Founded by the international fitness & nutrition expert Kiril Iliev from Bulgaria, Europe, his programs will help people to get the body they want with a balanced and healthy lifestyle focusing on clean food and proper exercise plans that suit everyone’s fitness levels and needs. The Centre offers personalized consultation with clients of all ages, and varies fitness stages, to help them achieve their fitness goals. The focus is to combine the right food with a proper workout program to achieve the goal in mind.


All clients will enjoy a wide range of services offered to suit their needs and lifestyles, namely:

  • Tailor-made weight loss programs
  • Optimal exercise programs
  • Weight gain plans
  • Advise on eating-out
  • Nutrition advise while travelling
  • Advise on various diet plans and how to implement them
  • Food choice substitutions
  • Marco diet planning
  • Supplements guidance
  • Bi-weekly, Monthly, quarterly plans for weight loss, gain, bodybuilding, physique
  • Close monitoring of clients during their programs (face-face, social networks, by visit)
  • Meal preparations, food planning, meal portions & quantities
  • Competition preparations advice on training and food planning
  • Weight management
  • Post therapy programs
  • Stubborn areas, plateau management
  • Regular monitoring & evaluation
  • Personal training