Your personal online
Training Program

from champion to a champion

I am Kiro "The Tank" Iliev and I will
be with you achieving your personal fitness goals!

Achieve Your Dream Physique,
without sacrificing Your lifestyle!

I will create your own Personalized Online Training Program based on your pace, goals and needs. On top of your fingers, you will find the most successful modern method that will give you reliable results!


What is in there for you?

Individual analysis and approach
Personal training schedule & cardio plan
Fully customized Diet & supplements plan
Progress tracker app technology
regular updates every 10 to 14 days
Motivational Chats & Consultations

Workout anywhere

Fitness now fits into your life - you can do a workout anywhere, anytime.

Stay on track

Track your results and your workout history in one place with apps like Apple Health, Fitbit + Google Fit, Nike Run.

Plan to succeed

Together we schedule your workouts & you get real-time reminders.

Coaching on Your Wrist

Your Online Coaching Program is available on your phone but also on your Apple Watch. You get a fully integrated personal trainer app.