Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will have the opportunity to learn more about coaching and possible collaboration using an introductory talk. I will answer all your questions. You are then free to decide whether or not to proceed to the next step.

In a longer consultation (after the initial meeting) I will see if I can help further to ensure a successful cooperation with you. My performance depends on the success and absolute satisfaction of my customers. Because I believe that quality, sustainability and integrity will last the longest.

It all depends on your starting point and goals. I offer several services. I help people sustainably build 100% physical and mental performance. As a general rule, I actively support my clients for a period of 3 to 24 months.

Pricing depends on several factors. The intensity and scope of cooperation cannot be offered here as a flat rate. But what I want to emphasize on is that this is not an online course or program, it is a personal collaboration between you and me. It can be considered bespoke.

Therefore, there is no unit price. As soon as I receive enough information about you and your goals, I will clearly inform you of the total cost during a free initial consultation. We set a fair price based on where you stand, your challenges, the changes you want, and the goals you want to achieve.

Many of my trainees have families and full-time jobs, so I know how you feel. The reality is that there is no perfect time to start a transformation. In fact, lack of time has helped many of my clients by forcing them to focus on what’s important and follow simple step-by-step instructions. You have plenty of time to implement in steps. I will take your hand and show you how best to integrate it into your daily life. But while working together, most customers find that they have more time than they used to, even though they “probably” have more things in their daily lives.

The great thing about my program is the variety of workouts. No two workouts are the same. This means that you will be constantly challenged, both mentally and physically.

Did you know that if you don’t change your exercise routine, your progress will stall? The reason for this is that doing the same exercise over and over gets easier over time and your body gets used to it. Your body can adapt to your exercise routine in as little as 6 weeks.
This is why it’s so important to add variety to your workouts to keep yourself challenged.

My workouts can be tailored to your individual fitness level, so you can start my program wherever you are on your fitness journey. 

It’s important to understand that my program aims to build a healthy lifestyle and make exercise a habit.When it comes to health, there are no quick fixes. I design programs that you can stick with for the long haul. That’s why you’ll see results at different stages of your fitness journey, but if you’re consistent, I can guarantee your body will transform. 

You will have more energy, become stronger, and when you combine exercise with a healthy, balanced diet, you will see changes in your body.

I do not offer refunds. The reason why is because before we begin the training, we have a detailed discussion about everything – trainings, time, goals, meals and etc. And only when you agree to commit to everything, then you can pay me. Achieving the desired results is a two-way stream therefore I cannot guarantee the results on 100%.

This is a question that is asked many times and the answer is absolute no!

Over the years, many seniors have successfully completed most of my courses and many have become successful fitness professionals. The perception that the business of health and fitness is a career for young people is a complete myth, and some of the most successful fitness professionals in the industry are people with life experience and interpersonal skills.

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